Monday, September 6, 2010

We're Having a Baby Boy!!

Pregnancy Tickers
We are so excited to have another baby Boy!! Stetson is a fun boy full of adventure and I'm sure this boy will be too!! Things are going good and I'm half way done which is nice and scary all at the same time. January will be here before we know it - ready or not!! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


This Winter when it was too cold to go outside we would have "Parties" inside. Stetson loved them!! He called dinner Party pizza, we made party cookies, we played party games and watched party movies. We pulled a mattress on the living room floor and jumped on it. It was a lot of fun and quite relaxing for me on a friday night after a long week a work.


Doug and Stetson were able to feed Papa Huber's horses while he was out of town for a day or two and they both would get so excited to go over and be with the horses. Stetson had to get his boots and cowboy hat and would pick up little chunks of hay and try his darnest to get it over to the horses. He was pretty proud. He wanted to ride all of them, but we just let him pet a couple of them and he was pretty happy. They are the cutest little cowboys!!


He also got spoiled for his birthday by his adopted Nana & Papa that have taken our little family in. They are the best people in the world and mean so much to us and Stetson. He loves to play at their house and to callthem on the phone and he talks about them all the time. They got him this cutest church outfit! I love it! He looks so handsome in it... if I could only get him to hold still to take a picure....


Happy Birthday Stetson!!
Stetson turned 2 on February 11th!! I can't believe how big my little baby has grown up to be. We had two parties for him, one little party after I got home from work and school with cupcakes and he got to open two presents since he already found them in the closet and it was killing him to open them. We did take him to lunch and let him play at McDonalds which he loved and then he got his check up. He is a big boy- 95% category for height and 90% for weight. He is healthy and didn't have to get any shots on his bday! I called from worked and wished him happy birthday along with grandma and grandpas. I dont think he really knew what it meant, but he would say "Its my birthday" and "Im so excited" and "Party for my birthday".
And then Doug's parents came for the weekend and took us out to dinner and we had another party with his actual cake and he opened all of his presents and he was definately spoiled! I cant believe he is already two! He can be the sweetest little boy and give loves and kisses but he is also TOTALLY BOY and can jump and rough house. He is a little tease (I have no idea where he gets that from :) jk Between Doug and I he should have a good sense of humor which he is already showing. He loves to visit people and play with his friends. He is so patient with Mom and Dad. He says the cutest little prayers and he remembers everyone he loves in his prayers and if mom or dad forgets them in ours, he lets us know and will continue the prayer where we apparently left off. We love him so much! He is the funnest little guy!


My Handsome Boy

Stetson and Daddy were going out to see horses and cows and the livestock auction and he so super excited and mom was excited to get some things done around the house while they were gone. He was being such a good boy getting ready to go. He showered and picked out his clothes and looked like such a little man. I tried getting a good picture but hes a wiggle bug and was teasing me, but I still think he stinking cute.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy New Year

This year has been an adventure with ups and downs, sharp turns and fast stops, but we have loved almost every minute of it!! We are still living in Lapoint, UT – which is just outside of Vernal. We love the small town and the wonderful ward that we are in. We have got to know such wonderful people here and enjoy doing things with them! Doug is the 1st Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency, I still teach the 5 year olds in Primary and Stetson is in Nursery.

Doug’s year has basically consisted of doctor’s appointments and school. He got sick very suddenly with several symptoms and the doctors are trying to figure out what all is wrong. He has had a hard time not being able to do what he used to but does the best with what he can. That alone has been a big adjustment in our family as far as roles and what each of us would usually take care of at home. We try to stay positive and we have learned to take life slow and enjoy family time together. He started school this year and is planning on going into Nurse Anesthetist and work again one day. He has been quite the trooper through it all!

I also started school this year and will be going into nursing. I am working right now in an accounting firm as an assistant and really enjoy it. Between work, school, church, friends and taking care of my family I am busier than ever, but I know that one day this hard work and dedication will pay off. I enjoy working on projects at home when I have the time and spending time with my boys!

Stetson is growing up so fast and is going to be turning two in February. He is tall and healthy. Talking more and more everyday and other people besides mom and dad know what he is actually saying! He likes to do things that he thinks is funny and will make us laugh. He loves his cows and “hee hee” (horses). We took them to church one time for him to play with which was a mistake!! Everyone there could hear him say “Mom, COOOWW – MMMMOOOOOO.” I don’t know that the crib is any longer useful since he just jumps out. He knows not to color on the walls and will take me by the hand and walk me to the wall that he has colored on and say “ No, no mom, No color on wall.” But he gives the biggest hugs and kisses and is so fun to cuddle!! He brings so much joy into our home and we wouldn’t change it for anything!

This year we were able to go to Missouri and Nauvoo in the summer as a family to see some of the families that Doug taught and or got to know on his mission and do some fun things there. We went to a cardinal’s vs. cub’s baseball game and few rides and museums. I feel in love with the families there and enjoyed playing games and site seeing with them. We went to the Meramic Caverns and played lots of cards. We visited the Amish and church history sites. I absolutely loved Nauvoo. It’s a cute little town with lots to do. We also had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas this month for the Rodeo finals which was a wonderful little get away for Doug and I!!

Especially at this time of year, we feel so blessed with all that we have been given. We have seen the lord’s hand in so many areas of our lives this year and know how much we rely on him. I feel so grateful to have the gospel in my life. With so many uncertain circumstances all around us, the gospel is the one thing that will never change and we will always have Heavenly Fathers love and guidance if we allow him in our life. I know that he has plan for me and my family whatever may come. And that no matter what happens; the Lord will always be there by my side as long as I follow the guidance given to us. I hope that everyone can have a wonderful Christmas Season and remember the reason behind it. We love you! Love – Doug, Natasha & Stetson

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas! We were definately way to spoiled! The best part though was seeing family and spending time together.
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This was My Christmas!
My Christmas Present this year was a sewing machine! I was way super excited. Here are some of the first projects I did. They were good starter projects, definately not perfect but way fun. I havent had much time to do it since but hopefully will soon!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family Pictures

We had Family pictures taken in October by a friend and he did a really good job! Thanks Josh!